Who can participate?

Students and recent graduates from all design-related courses and programs (up to 2 years after graduation) are welcome to register their entries for the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2018_01 free of charge.

The concepts should not be older than 2 years at the time they are submitted. We will also accept works by small teams of designers with no more than 4 team members.



For the first award edition in 2018, students and young graduates are encouraged to submit their concepts only to the four following topics. Concepts to other topics will not be accepted and thus not admitted to the jury.

1. What iF there was a Panda-themed “brand” to support a good cause?

Imagine you created a brand with strong visual association to the Panda bear that’s dedicated to charitable causes. What would you think of?
Imagine, e.g. products that sell great and at the same time support those who are in need with a certain percentage of the sales.
Moreover you’re free to design anything that makes sense – from ‘Panda hotels’ or Panda-branded outdoor playgrounds or gyms for elderly and small children to barrier-free panda apartment houses for all generations.

Create the Panda brand in favor of a good cause and design products, projects or services that help create revenue for social commitment.

2. What iF you were responsible for the urban space design at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020?

During the Olympic Games 2020, Tokyo will be hosting the whole world. There’s not much time left, but still a lot of planning and constructing to do: What will the Olympic village and the visitor centers look like? What’s the subsequent use of new infrastructure? How can visitor guidance be made as efficient as possible?

Share your ideas for Tokyo 2020 – create a sustainable concept for urban spaces and competition sites that integrates the existing infrastructure and outlines the future use after the Olympic event.

3. What iF your ideas created new services by using drones?

In just a few years, autonomous flying drones have revolutionized industries around the globe. The rapid progress in drone technology is enabling innovation in multiple areas of applications – from agriculture to public safety, from photography to healthcare. And the list of dedicated drone services is rapidly expanding into other industry sectors.

Outline ideas for either a new airborne drone service, or alternatively develop a scenario where drones are being deployed for improving existing services.

4. HAIER DESIGN PRIZE 2018 by iF – Touch Time: What iF your home appliance designs were timeless?

The art of successful home appliance design always creates tension: Rebuilding the traditional, but from a modern perspective. Deconstructing the relationship between people, product and space, but putting it back together in a way that feels pure and original.

Create home appliances and home relevant products with a clear design philosophy and timeless quality.


Evaluation Criteria

The most important aspect is the creative concept behind your design. This means, we are first and foremost looking for great ideas. The ideas should help solve a problem or make life more comfortable: in short, it should serve people.

In order to win an iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD, your idea must get above-average marks regarding several evaluation criteria and must clearly stand out among other submitted entries. The better you score in as many criteria as possible, the greater your chance of winning an award will be.


Innovation and Elaboration

  • Degree of innovation
  • Degree of elaboration
  • Uniqueness


  • Use value and usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Practicability
  • Safety


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Emotional appeal
  • Spatial concept
  • Ambience


  • Human dignity
  • Respect for the individual
  • Fairness
  • Consideration of environmental standards /carbon footprint
  • Social responsibility
  • Societal value


  • Target group fit
  • Differentiation

What we need for registration

1. Entry description

Each entry must be described using both text and images so that the jury is able to fully understand and properly assess it.


What we need:

  • English language text /description (max. 650 characters incl. spaces)


Please note: Google Translate does not always provide a correct translation! Without a clear and understandable English description your application will not be accepted.

2. Images

Please upload 1 or 2 images of your entry as follows:

  • Image size: 1536 pixels min. edge length, max.15 megapixel
  • Aspect ratio: Landscape, 4:3
  • File format: JPG
  • File size: max. 5 MB
  • Color space: RGB
  • Naming: your Entry-ID_name of your entry_No. of picture,
    an example: 329-222222_car_1


We will briefly check the entry regarding completeness and thematic correctness, and if it meets these criteria, we will publish the entry in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE. If you win an award, we will use your entry description and images also for the iF design app and for our press work.

3. Student ID

As a student please upload a scan of your student ID. As a recent graduate please upload a scan of your graduation certificate.

4. Presentation Poster

The core of your application is the presentation poster! You can submit 1 or 2 pages for each entry. It should represent your idea clearly in words and images.


Poster details:

  • Format: DIN A1, horizontal (840 mm length x 594 mm height)
  • Font size for description and index data: 20 pt
  • Font: Frutiger or other sans serif fonts such as Arial, Franklin Gothic,
    Futura, Helvetica, Univers
  • Resolution: 300 dpi at 100% positioning
  • Data must be sent as platform independent PDF-X3 file
  • Maximum file size: 5 MB (each poster)
  • General information must include: topic, name of your entry, name(s) of student(s), name of university, city and country


You will find a good example of how the poster should be structured in the "Overview for Participants" (PDF file) on page 4.

5. Video

Optionally you can also submit a video to explain your entry. The video should not be longer than 3 minutes and it must be possible to play it using standard software.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The intellectual property rights of all submitted designs remain with the participants. The organizers will not implement any concepts submitted. The projects submitted must not violate the patent and protective rights of other parties. The organizers assume no liability for such infringements.

In other words:
All intellectual property rights of your submitted design belong to you. iF will not implement your design, whether or not it wins. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to copy any ideas from anyone else. If you copy a design, your entry will be disqualified. As the organizer, iF is not responsible for publishing copied designs and will make efforts not to do so.



Jury and Prize money

We will have an online judging session. Experts from all over the world will select the award winners per topic. The jurors will decide on the winners and the prize money winners. Every jury consists of 3 jurors at minimum.

The total prize money for all 2018_01 award topics is EUR 20,000.


1. What iF there was a Panda-themed “brand” to support a good cause? EUR 5,000
2. What iF you were responsible for the urban space design at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020? EUR 5,000
3. What iF your ideas created new services by using drones? EUR 5,000
4. HAIER DESIGN PRIZE 2018 by iF – Touch Time: What iF your home appliance designs were timeless? EUR 5,000


The decision of the jury is legally binding and final.

Please mind: An individual reason for the jury decision cannot be given.


Dates and Fees

Registration deadline 5 February 2018  
Jury session

27 February until
23 March 2018

Information to the award winners End of March 2018  
Publication of the award winners End of April 2018

iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE (Design Excellence),
iF design app,
press release

The participation in the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD is free of charge.



We offer all award winners the following advertising tools:


  • Winner logo for download
  • Winner certificate in PDF form (will be sent to the winners individually by the end of April 2018)
  • Your award-winning entry will be specially marked and shown in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE (Design Excellence) unlimited in time.
  • All winning entries will be published in the iF design app. This app is free and has already been downloaded 70,000 times.
  • Your entry will be presented in digital form unlimited in time as well as physically (with your presentation poster) for a special time period at our iF design exhibition Hamburg.
  • Your university will receive points in the iF University Ranking. This ranking is based on all winners of the past three years and it is updated once a year. Of course, the school can request the logo for their ranking position from iF for PR purposes.
  • Our iF press and PR work helps you get media attention for your successful design.




You can submit as many entries as you like - but each entry can only be submitted once per competition. You are not permitted to submit the same entry to several topics.

To admit your concept to the jury, the online registration has to be complete! After you have submitted your online registration, we will immediately send you a confirmation email. Until you receive a confirmation email from us, your design has not been registered.


Address data

  • Please use the index tab “Address data” to indicate your university address. If already available in “my iF addressbook” just choose an address from there. If you want to create a new address as your university address, please click on the button “Change” under your university address and then click on “Add New Address”.
  • If you have studied at more than one university, please enter the one where the entry you are submitting was mainly designed.


Team projects

  • Teams with up to four members can submit entries together. You can only create one user account for the whole team.
  • In order to add up to three additional team members, go to “Address data” and click the button “Change” under your university address. There you can add the further team member(s) with name and university.
  • All correspondence will be sent to the team member who created and manages the user account for the team. If your team concept will be awarded, all team members will receive an award.


Andrea van Velzen
Andrea van Velzen