Disciplines & Categories

It is possible to register more than one entry. However, an individual entry cannot be registered in more than one category. iF reserves the right to change the category to which the entry is submitted, if such change is deemed beneficial to the entry.

1.0 Product

1.01 Automobiles / Vehicles

Cars, accessories and components (wheels, steering wheels, engine compartments, instruments, controls, lighting), agricultural vehicles / machines, airplanes, drones and multicopters, buses, car entertainment systems, caravans, commercial vehicles, cranes and lifting gear, interior and exterior design, industrial trucks, motorcycles / scooters, navigation devices, products for aviation, rail vehicles, ships / boats / yachts, special vehicles, trailers

1.02 Sports / Outdoor / Bicycles

Sports / sports equipment / sportswear, fitness and activity trackers, camping / camping equipment, GPS, outdoor products, hiking gear, bicycles and accessories, bicycle lamps

1.03 Leisure

Fashion and clothing, bags, luggage, musical instruments, pet products, eyeglasses

1.04 Babies / Kids

All products for babies and kids such as diaper bags, clothing, lifestyle accessories for children and babies, playground equipment, kitchen tools, toys, tools for schools, teaching supplies

1.05 Watches / Jewelry

Watches, clocks, alarm clocks, accessories

1.06 Audio

Audio devices for conferences, audio recorder, audio player, headphones, Hi-fi, loudspeakers, mobile loudspeakers, MP3 players, radios, studio equipment, accessories

1.07 TV / Cameras

Cameras, media players, DVD and Blue Ray devices, televisions, accessories, photo frames, presentation equipment, projectors, recorders, remote controls, surveillance cameras and technologies and more

1.08 Telecommunication

Cell phones, DECT, headsets, smart watches, telephones, telephone systems, 2 way radios, VOIP devices and accessories

1.09 Computer

Notebooks, PDAs, accessories, batteries, casings, charging devices, computers, computer loudspeaker systems, copiers, e-readers, game consoles, in- and output devices, keyboards and mice, monitors, network technology, peripherals, printers, scanners, servers, storage devices, tablets and more

1.10 Office

Conference furniture, filing systems, office accessories, office fittings, office furniture, plugs, reception areas, writing implements and pens (analog and digital)

1.11 Lighting

Lighting systems, accessories, flashlights, lamps, lights, safety lights, workplace lighting

1.12 Home Furniture

Lounge and bedroom furniture, accessories, fixtures and fittings, mirrors, stoves and pellet stoves

1.13 Kitchen

Coffee machines, cooker hoods, dishwashers, fixtures and fittings, hobs and ovens, kitchen appliances (mixers, juicers, egg cookers etc.), kitchen furniture and technology, kitchen systems, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers, sinks

1.14 Household / Tableware

Air cleaners, cookware and tableware, cutlery, decorative items, dryers, glassware and ceramics, household utensils (trashcans, mops etc.), ironing and pressing equipment, ventilators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines

1.15 Bathroom

Bathroom furniture, bathroom and sanitary wares, bathrooms and wellness areas, control elements and systems, fixtures and fittings, saunas, whirlpools

1.16 Garden

Gardening tools / garden furniture, barbecues, sunshades, lawn-mowers, pushcarts, outdoor fireplaces, garden tables and chairs, pressure washers

1.17 Building Technology

Air conditioning, balconies, conservatories, doors, fittings and systems, garages, gates, heating technology, plumbing technology, marquees, railings, roofs, security technology, solar systems, temperature control technology, water dispensers, windows

1.18 Public / Retail

Includes furniture and furnishing systems (for banks, bus stops, health, hotels, libraries, lounges, museums, parks, playgrounds, public spaces, restaurants, shops, staff canteens, social areas, street furniture, wellness etc.), street lamps, LED panels, ATM systems and banking machines, exhibition systems, outdoor advertising systems, retail interiors, shop systems / POS systems, terminals for public spaces / info systems / wayfinding and orientation systems and more.

1.19 Medicine / Health / Care

All types of packaging for medicine, natural remedy and medical products

1.20 Industry / Skilled Trades

Components, conveyor technology, hoisting technology, industrial scanners, logistic systems, machines, materials handling, measuring and testing technologies and laboratory technology, production engineering, robotic technology, systems engineering, tools

1.21 Textiles / Wall / Floor

Carpets, curtains, floorings, paints / coatings, materials with innovative properties, smart materials, tiles, upholstery textiles, veneers, wall cladding, wallpapers

2.0 Packaging

2.01 Beverages

All types of packaging for beverages

2.02 Food

All types of packaging for food and pet food

2.03 Beauty / Health

All types of packaging for perfume, care products, cosmetics, hygiene products, pharmacy products

2.04 Medicine / Pharmaceutics

All types of packaging for medicine, natural remedy and medical products

2.05 Household

All types of cleaning products, household products etc.

2.06 Consumer Products

All types of packaging for jewelry, watches, clothes and accessories, sports articles, toys, music, games and videos, headphones, MP3 players, computers and accessories, cameras and accessories, mobile technology devices and accessories, kitchen appliances etc.

2.07 Industry / B2B

All types of packaging for industry products B2B

2.08 Independent Packaging

Brand-independent packaging with a focus on ergonomics and functionality

3.0 Communication

3.01 Websites

Blogs, brand sites, corporate websites, e-Commerce, landing pages, microsites, online shops, promotional sites, public websites, service websites, social media, web TV

3.02 Apps / Software

Business application software, city guides, games, information software, mobile and stationary application software, online and offline applications, shopping application, social media

3.03 Film / Video

Commercials, corporate films, ads, image videos, video podcasts

3.04 Corporate Identity / Branding

Digital and/or print media that serve to sharpen a company’s, product’s or brand’s profile and boost sales. These may include CD manuals, presentations, brochures, posters, signets and logos, manuals, catalogs

3.05 Magazine / Press / Publishing

Digital or print media entries in the area of publishing e.g. books, calendar, catalogs, coffee-table books, comics, illustrations, magazine, newspapers

3.06 Campaigns / Advertising

Print or digital individual ads or entire campaigns, including banners, direct marketing materials, mailings, newsletters, posters, product and advertising brochures, POS advertising, content marketing, out-of-home

3.07 Annual Reports

Business and annual reports as digital or print media

3.08 Typography / Signage

Pictograms, signets, signage, symbols, typography, way-finding and orientation systems

3.09 Events

Events of all kinds which utilize one or more media to creatively structure the event or deliver information, such as anniversaries, award ceremonies, conferences, opening ceremonies, product launches, promotion and advertising events, road shows, and trade fair presentations

4.0 Interior Architecture

4.01 Trade Fairs / Commercial Exhibitions

This category considers exhibition and trade fair architecture as an element of brand communication.

4.02 Public Exhibitions

This category considers exhibition architecture in public institutions such as museums.

4.03 Shops / Showrooms

This category considers retail architecture as an element of brand communication.

4.04 Hotels / Spas / Restaurants / Bars

Bars, bed & breakfast, cafés, casinos, hotels, lounges, restaurants, spas and recreational areas, staff canteens

4.05 Residential

Residential homes, apartments, bedrooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, living rooms, nurseries

4.06 Offices / Workspaces

Administration buildings, banks and financial institutions, doctors’ practices, insurance companies, law practices, offices, production facilities

4.07 Public

Administration buildings, clinics, colleges, kindergartens, libraries, museums, schools, universities

4.08 Installations

Installations in public spaces (digital, interactive, bricks-and-mortar, etc.) For example in exhibitions, on sales floors, in shopping malls, at trade fairs, in museums, in urban or outdoor areas

5.0 Professional Concept

Experimental and conceptual designs, commissioned works that have not yet been published, studies and research projects, innovative design concepts can be entered in the following categories:

5.01 Mobility

5.02 Living Spaces

5.03 Sustainability

5.04 Health

5.05 Food / Water

5.06 Tools

5.07 Education

5.08 Usability / Interface

5.09 Safety

5.10 Leisure

6.0 Service Design

There is hardly another discipline where the focus on interdisciplinary work is as strong as in Service Design. Service Design is about developing service innovations suitable for real-life application by designing entire service processes in a customer-centric way. This includes, for instance, service interfaces for immaterial products, which are useful, usable and desirable from the customer’s perspective while being effective, efficient and innovative from the provider’s perspective. A highly exciting field for new, surprising and creative design processes and process design.

6.01 Health

6.02 Transportation / Logistics

6.03 Bank / Insurance

6.04 Retail

6.05 Tourism

6.06 Education

6.07 Government / Institutions

7.0 Architecture

7.01 Public

Civic centers, community buildings, institutional buildings, governmental buildings, cultural buildings, embassies, monuments, police & fire stations, parliaments, town halls, prisons, museums, theatres & opera houses, libraries, concert halls, schools, universities, kindergardens, training centers, conference centers, hospitals, day care centers, nursing homes, zoos, religious buildings, infrastructure, roads, bridges, transportation, parking facilities, airports, bus stations, port facilities, railwaystations, sports facilities, stadiums, arenas etc.

7.02 Residential

Apartment buildings, country houses, coastal houses, estates, mansions, multi-unit housing, multiple housing, private houses, single housing, social housing, student housing

7.03 Office / Industry

Administrative buildings, banks & financial institutions, corporate headquarters, estates, factories, farm buildings, office buildings, production facilities

7.04 Retail / Hospitality

Amusement parks, chain stores, cinemas, concept stores, department stores, galleries, hostels, hotels, malls, nightclubs, outlet centers, recreation centers, resorts, restaurants, tourist attractions, pubs & bars, shops, shopping centers, wineries

7.05 Urban / Landscape

Cemetaries, cities, golfclubs, lighting design, outdoor areas, parks, plazas, private gardens, public gardens, regions, streets, urban development projects, urban planning, villages

7.06 Mixed Use

Buildings combining different kind of usages


Jury & Evaluation Criteria

Almost 60 experts from all over the world will come together to select the winners in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017. The jury session will last for three days. Behind closed doors, the jury will examine, touch, explore, test, analyze and, most importantly, thoroughly discuss all entries. The jurors are listed on the award page in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE. There is no entitlement to an award. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Innovation and Elaboration

  • Degree of innovation
  • Degree of elaboration
  • Uniqueness
  • Execution / workmanship


  • Use value and usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Practicability
  • Safety


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Emotional appeal
  • Spatial concept
  • Ambience


  • Production efficiency
  • Consideration of environmental standards / carbon footprint
  • Social responsibility
  • Universal design


  • Brand fit
  • Target group fit
  • Differentiation

Presentation to Jury

Submission deadline: 2 December 2016

Entries must be submitted physically (original product or entry item) or digitally (media upload), depending on the chosen discipline and category.

Please read the following specifications for each category carefully.

Disciplines Product / Packaging

All entries must be submitted as original products or packaging. In exceptional cases (such as extremely large products or products not yet industrially produced), you can submit models or scale models. If it is not possible to submit the original or a model, you can present your entry with digital media (see Media Upload).

Entries containing several components, or entries available in various designs, can be registered as a series. All elements of the series must be available to the jury. At least one element must be submitted as an original product; further elements can be submitted in print format (brochure or charts/boards).

Discipline Communication

Categories: Websites, Apps / Software, Film / Video, Events

Entries in these categories must be submitted as digital media (see Media Upload).

Categories: Corporate Identity / Branding, Magazines / Press / Publishing, Campaigns / Advertising, Annual Reports, Typography / Signage

Entries must be submitted for jury assessment either as physical items (originals) or as digital media. A combination of both is not possible.

Brochures, books, annual reports, calendars, catalogues, magazines etc. must be submitted as originals. Entries on boards must be no larger than DIN A1, maximum 8 boards. Posters must be mounted on cardboard (no larger than DIN A1).

For specifications on digital media please see Media Upload.

Disciplines Interior Architecture, Architecture,
Professional Concept, Service Design

Entries in these disciplines must be submitted as digital media (see Media Upload).


Media Upload

Please see "Presentation to Jury" if your entry is eligible for a digital presentation.


Upload deadline: 2 December 2016


The digital media have to be uploaded in the online registration form in the field labeled 'Media'.

PDF Media link
Containing images, drawings and/or
descriptive texts explaining your entry


  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: maximum of 8 pages
  • File size: maximum 10 MB
  • Format: Landscape
  • Screen resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels


Enter a link (URL) for your entry
(e.g. website, YouTube or Vimeo URL - URL can be

URL must be live and accessible
from 2 December 2016 to 27 January 2017

Shipment to Jury

Shipping period for pre-assembled entries
21 October to 2 December 2016

Delivery address:
DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
Entry-ID: 318-x-xxxxxx / Category No.: x.xx
Ulmer Strasse 2
30880 Hannover - Laatzen

Your contact at DHL:
Mr Oliver Koch
Phone +49.511.47562920
Email ifdesign@dhl.com

Labelling of entries and packaging

All entries, as well as all product and transport packaging, must be clearly labeled with an entry-ID and category number. If your consignment contains more than one entry, all entry-IDs must be listed on the exterior of the packaging.

Shipping label, PDF, 51.88kB

Fees for shipping and assembly

Original products must be shipped, pre-paid by sender and free of charge for iF, via mail, courier or forwarding company to our logistics partner DHL TFE. For deliveries from non-EU countries the participant has to ensure that product deliveries are handled in accordance with the customs requirements for the free trade of goods (Delivered Duty Paid). If temporary import is opted, it is essential that a freight forwarder be used.

Entries must be delivered pre-assembled or registered for self-assembly. For entries which have to be assembled by iF, a fee may be charged.

Discipline Communication and Packaging
In these categories, entries will not be returned unless the participant specifically requests the return in the registration form. The participant has to pay all fees relating to the return of the entries. iF will also charge the participant a handling and storage fee of EUR 30.00 (plus VAT) per entry.

Shipment from non-EU countries

Each shipment from non-EU countries must be accompanied with a full set of documents as follows:

  • 2 copies of Air Waybill / Sea Waybill
  • 3 copies of commercial/pro forma invoice, containing:
    • Entry-IDs of each declared product
    • Goods description as "Sample"
    • Value for customs-purposes only
    • Complete address and contact of shipping company

Download example document:

Vorlage Proforma invoice.pdf, PDF, 21.72kB

EORI number

Shipments from non-EU countries will need an EORI number for import. The participant should check whether his/her company already has an EORI number. If not, the participant can request a number from:

Informations- und Wissensmanagement Zoll
Postfach 10 07 61
01077 Dresden
Fax: +49.351.44834-444
Phone: +49.351.44834-540
Email: antrag.eori@zoll.de

Transportation and exhibition insurance

iF does not assume any responsibility to exercise proper care for submitted entries, and recommends that participants acquire transport and exhibition insurance to cover any potential damage or theft during transport and exhibition of entries.

Each participant should check whether his/her own company already has transport and exhibition insurance. If not, iF recommends the following insurance company:

Landschaftliche Brandkasse Hannover
Ms Ilona Reineke
Phone +49.511.3622796
Fax +49.511.3623393


Self-assembly and motor vehicles

Entries which have to be assembled by the participant can be registered for self-assembly via email under service@ifdesign.de. iF reserves the right to accept or refuse entries for self-assembly at its own discretion. If you choose the self-assembly option, you will be required to disassemble the entry yourself, whether or not your entry wins an award. If you select self-assembly and your entry is awarded, you will be required to disassemble the entry yourself and then assemble it again later for the exhibition in Hamburg. Entries not disassembled in time will be disposed by iF for a fee.


Self-assembly entries as well as motor vehicles (automobiles, buses, motorbikes etc.) must be delivered directly to the jury hall. Please label your product with your Entry-ID (318-x-xxxxxx).

Dates for self-assembly:
Delivery and assembling: 9 and 10 January 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Dismantling and collection: 6 and 7 February 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Dates for motor vehicle:
Delivery: 23 January 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Pick-up: 27 January 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Delivery and pick-up address:
Schuppen 52
Australiastraße 52 B
20457 Hamburg

Your contact on site:
Mr. Oliver Koch
Mobile: +49.(0)170.8525334

Any additional equipment needed (e.g. stackers, ramps, etc.) must be brought by the participant. On request it is also possible to rent equipment from DHL. Please be sure to inform your carrier of this, since any additional charges within the scope of delivery and pickup must be borne by you. Any garbage and leftover packaging must be removed from the site.

Vehicles with internal combustion engines must be 3/4 full of fuel. The remaining space will be topped off with nitrogen, so that the vehicle's battery may remain attached during the exhibition (guidelines of the local fire department).
The drive batteries of electric vehicles must be disconnected or a main switch must be installed to disconnect them from power.

Return shipment after the jury session

Discipline Product

The participant is responsible for picking up of the entry him/herself.

To ensure a smooth process, the participant must inform DHL TFE one day before pick up by email or phone. The entry-ID (for example 318-x-xxxxxx) is needed as the reference number for pick up. The participant must give all entry-IDs to the carrier, as otherwise it will be impossible for iF to identify and release the product/entry to the freight carrier.

Dates for pick up: 1 to 31 March 2017
Pick up is possible from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm

Address for collection:
DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
Entry-ID: 318-x-xxxxxx / Category No.: x.xx
Ulmer Strasse 2
30880 Hannover - Laatzen

Your contact at DHL:
Mr Oliver Koch
Phone +49.511.47562920
Email ifdesign@dhl.com

The participant may also contact DHL TFE directly to request a quote for returning the entry. The above pick up dates are fixed and mandatory. Products and entries that are not picked up by the end of this period will be disposed by iF and will incur a fee for disposal.

Award-winning entries
All award-winning entries will be presented in the iF design exhibition Hamburg. After the jury session, the participant will be informed by email the exhibition period to which the entry has been assigned.

- Temporary pick up:
You can pick up your entry, but please return it in time for your respective exhibition period.

- Fee-based storage:
Our logistics partner DHL TFE will store your entry for the interim time. The storage fee is EUR 50.00 per entry. If you choose this option, you will receive a separate invoice from DHL TFE.

  • Entries for exhibition period 1:
    Will be delivered by iF from the jury hall to the exhibition area, where they will be presented.

  • Entries for exhibition period 2 and 3:
    Will be ready for interim pick-up or storage from March 2017 onwards.

    You can choose one of the following logistic options in my iF:

If the participant does not select a logistics option in my iF, entries will automatically be stored at a storage fee of EUR 50.00.

After each exhibition period has ended, the exhibited entries are available for participants to pick up. Participants will be informed of the dates in advance so participants can arrange the pick-up. If the participant would like entries to be returned by DHL TFE, the participant has to contact DHL TFE directly to request a quote. Of course the participant can also engage any other logistics company to pick up the entries.

Discipline Communication and Packaging

If the participant wishes the entry and documentation to be returned, he or she has to tick the respective box in the online registration form. In this case, the participant will have to send the entries in reusable packaging and to ensure that the entries are picked up by a freight carrier after the jury session.

Dates for pick up: 1 to 31 March 2017
Collection is possible from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm

Address for pick up:
DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
Entry-ID: 318-x-xxxxxx / Category No.: x.xx
Ulmer Strasse 2
30880 Hannover - Laatzen

Your contact at DHL:
Mr Oliver Koch
Phone +49.511.47562920
Email ifdesign@dhl.com

Fees for the return of entries
The participant has to pay all fees related to the return or disposal of the entries. For each entry, iF will also charge the participant a handling and storage fee of EUR 30.00 (plus VAT).



Early bird registration 30 June 2016  
Regular registration 20 October 2016  
Submission of entries to jury 2 December 2016 Upload digital media
or shipment to jury
Jury session 24 to 26 January 2017 Jury results will be
announced at end of January.
Awards ceremony 10 March 2017 iF design award night
at BMW Welt in Munich
Publication 10 March 2017 Publication in iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE,
iF design app, press releases
Exhibition 11 March 2017 Opening of the
iF design exhibition Hamburg Part I
from June 2017 – Exhibition Part II
from October 2017 – Exhibition Part III


Registration Fees

Discipline Registration
by 30 June 2016
by 20 October 2016
Product EUR 350 per entry EUR 450 per entry
Packaging EUR 275 per entry EUR 375 per entry
Communication, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, Service Design, Architecture EUR 275 per entry EUR 375 per entry

Fees for award winners

Discipline 'Benefits for winners' service package
Product EUR 2,700 per entry
Packaging EUR 2,700 per entry
Communication, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, Service Design, Architecture EUR 1,600 per entry

All fees are listed as net amounts. VAT may have to be added depending on the type of service and on the participant’s place of residence. Participants residing or having their registered office in the Federal Republic of Germany will be charged an additional 19% VAT. Participation fees include jury organization and assessment process. Participants must pay all transport and insurance fees.

The entries selected by the jury will receive the iF DESIGN AWARD. Upon the granting of the award, award winners are obliged to accept the 'Benefits for winners' service package and to pay the relevant fee listed in the price list for each award-winning contribution.



Entries must meet the following admission requirements:

Disciplines Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Architecture, Architecture and Service Design
Entries must be less than two years old at the time of registration. If entries are not yet implemented, they must be realized or published in 2017.

Discipline Professional Concept
Future-oriented, professional concepts and studies whose implementation is not planned or expected before 2018.

An entry comprising several components or different versions can be registered as series.

To take part, you must accept the Terms of Participation of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 and the general terms and conditions.

Download the brief guide for your submission:

iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 - What you need, PDF, 2.04MB


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