The COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018 invites manufacturers, designers, sales representatives, importers and distributors in the Information Communication Technology industry to compete in the award. Entries should reflect a particular level of innovation and design quality.

There is no limit to the number of entries per contestant. The products and contents submitted must not violate the patent and protective rights of other parties. The organizers assume no liability for any such violations.

All submitted entries could be: products, applications, projects, communication or services.

Entries must be less than two years old at the time of registration. If entries are not yet implemented, they must be realized or published in 2018.

To take part in the COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018, you must accept our general terms and conditions.



It is possible to register more than one entry. However, an individual entry cannot be registered in more than one category. iF reserves the right to change the category to which the entry is submitted, if such change is deemed beneficial to the entry.

01. Artificial Intelligence + Robotics

Robot Products, Virtual Personal Assistants, Autonomous Vehicle Technology ,etc.

02. Internet of Things

Security Applications, Smart Health Care, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Internet of Vehicles, Wearables and Sports Technology, etc.

03. Applications + Solutions

System Integration, Cloud Computing & IT Services, Home Energy Management System, Financial Service, etc

04. AR/VR Devices + Content

AR / VR Headset / Glasses, Content and Technology, Reality Browser / Real Time Navigation App etc.

05. Gaming Devices + Content of Games

Gaming PC, Gaming Headset, Game Console, Gaming Mouse, PC / Mobile Game (Content) etc.

06. Cloud Communication + Storage

Cloud Communication Solution / Platform, Mobile Disk, Pen Drive, Cloud Storage Service /System, Memory Card, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD) etc.

07. Systems + Mobile Communication

PC, Laptop, Server, Bar Code System, Point of Sales PC, Embedded Products, Mobile Device, Global Position System (GPS), Video Conference etc.

08. (Computer) Hardware + Components

Solar Cell/Panel, Battery, Power Supply for Computer, Motherboard, Computer Case, CPU Cooler / Cooling System etc.

09. Audio/Video

Amplifier, Projector, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Hi-Fi Speaker, Set Top Box, Microphone, Headphone, Display, Audio Technology / Calculation Tool, Digital Photo Frame, TV Card etc.

10. Peripherals + Accessories

Scanner, Keyboard, PC Camera, Printer, Data Switch (KVM Switch), Charger, USB Hub, Rack / Stand, Charging System / Device etc.


Jury & Evaluation Criteria

Jury session: 15–16 May 2018

Entrants will be informed of the jury’s decision by 17 May 2018.

The jury session is held over two days and includes a demo session and a non-demo session.

For more complicated products or entries that require demonstration, the participant has the chance to participate in the demo session on the first jury day. During the demonstration session, the participant will have the opportunity to present his/her design in the given 2 minutes presentation in English. The jury panel will make a decision based on the presentation and the submitted materials online.

All other entries will be included in the non-demo session. During the non-demo session on the second day, an international expert panel will discuss and evaluate all entries based on the submitted materials in a dedicated, critical and constructive way.

If a participant did not tick the box to sign up for the demonstration session, the submitted entry will be automatically included in the non-demo session. All participant will receive the same winning chance whether taking part in the demo session or not.

The selection process for the COMPUTEX d&i awards is a non-public event. The evaluation result is decided by simple majority vote. The decision of the jury is legally binding. Legal recourse is excluded and no individual correspondence will be entered into.

Out of the pool of the award winners, an additional group will be selected as the COMPUTEX d&i gold award winners. These awards are reserved for the most exceptional winners of the COMPUTEX d&i awards.

Four additional prizes will be introduced to honor the special achievements in the following fields to echo the themes of COMPUTEX 2018: "Artificial Intelligence", "Internet of Things", "Start-up", and "Applications and Solutions”.

The special awards will not be announced until the awards ceremony.

Each jury member can only participate in two consecutive juries. If a jury member is directly connected to one of the submitted entries, she/he is no longer allowed to vote.

The jurors will be announced by April 2018.

Innovation and Elaboration

  • Degree of innovation
  • Degree of elaboration
  • Uniqueness
  • Execution / workmanship


  • Use value and usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Practicability
  • Safety


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Emotional appeal
  • Spatial concept
  • Ambience


  • Production efficiency
  • Consideration of environmental standards / carbon footprint
  • Social responsibility
  • Universal design


  • Brand fit
  • Target group fit
  • Differentiation

Presentation to Jury

Submission deadline: 30 April 2018 (for non-demo entries)

All submitted entries could be: products, applications, projects, communication or services.

All products must be submitted as original products/items. In exceptional cases only, such as extremely large products or products not yet industrially produced, models or scale models can be submitted.

Entries can be submitted in either physical or digital form. A combination of both can also be done. If submitting electronic data, please enter a link (URL) in the online registration form in the field labeled ‘Media’.

Entries come with digital content (videos, audio, images, etc.) are required to provide linkage or have relevant software/firmware installed before delivery.

Entries containing several components or entries available in various designs may be registered as a series. All elements of the series must be available to the jury.


Media Upload

Entries must be submitted for jury assessment either as physical items (originals) or as digital media. A combination of both is also possible.

Upload deadline: 30 April 2018

The digital media have to be uploaded in the online registration form in the field labeled 'Media'.


Media Link
Enter a link (URL) for your entry (e.g. website, YouTube or a space, direct link to a pdf file containing images, drawings and/or descriptive texts explaining your entry).


  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: maximum of 8 pages
  • File size: maximum 10 MB
  • Format: Landscape
  • Screen resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels

Shipment to Jury

Shipping period: 20 April to 10 May 2018

Delivery address:

Schenker (H.K.) Ltd. Taiwan Branch | Fairs and Exhibition team
entry-ID: 336-xxxxxx ; category no.: xx
Kuehne+Nagel Ltd., Taiwan
2F, No. 51, Sec. 3, Min Sheng E. Road,
Taipei 10478 Taiwan


Ms. Vicky Li
phone: +886.2.2503.0101 #198

Mr. Peter Yiu
phone: +886.2.2503.0101 #192


Functional products must be delivered completely assembled and ready to be tested; iF will not assume any responsibility for assembly.

Labeling of entries and packaging

Products must be delivered in reusable packaging.
All entries, as well as all product and transport packaging, must be clearly labeled with Entry-ID and category number. If your consignment contains more than one entry, all Entry-IDs must be listed on the exterior of the packaging.

LOGISTIC LABEL | COMPUTEX d&i awards, PDF, 49.86kB

Fees for shipping

Original products must be shipped, free of charge for iF and TAITRA, via mail, courier or forwarding company to our logistics partner. For deliveries from non-TW locals please ensure that product deliveries are handled in accordance with the customs requirements for the free trade of goods (Delivered Duty Paid). If you opt for temporary import, it is essential that you use a freight forwarder.

Entries must be delivered pre-assembled or can register for self-assembly.

Shipment from non TW-area / countries

Shipments from non-TW area/countries are recommended to use freight forwarding companies with customs clearance services. We recommend that you apply for an ATA Carnet for your shipment to save import duties and taxes. If you opt for courier services, please notify your courier that the sender is responsible for the duties and taxes. Please also note that couriers may not be able to deal with customs clearance if a shipment is stuck at the customs. In which case, iF will authorize our logistics partner to assist with customs clearance with a cost of US$ 90 (plus 5% VAT) per shipment. The handling fee does not include duties and taxes based on CIF value and will be charged and invoiced by iF.

Transportation and exhibition insurance

The contestant is liable for any damages or additional charges. The organizer does not undertake to insure the delivered products, and we recommend that participants take out transport and exhibition insurance to cover any potential damage or theft during transport and exhibition of entries.


Self-assembly and self-dismantling are open for over-sized products or entries with complicated assembly or participating in demo to the judges, registration for self- assembly can be made via email to iF reserves the right to accept or refuse entries for self-assembly at its own discretion.

All participating entries signed up for the demonstration session are seen as “self-assembly/self-dismantling” entries. The participants are required to deliver and set up/dismantle their own products at the designated time before and after the jury sessions.
Any additional equipment needed (e.g. stackers, ramps etc.) must be brought by the participant. Any garbage and leftover packaging must be removed from the site.

Dates for self-assembly:
Self-assembly: 13-14 May 2018
Self-dismantling: 17 May 2018

Registrants of self-assembly and self-dismantling entries will receive a separate email indicating details.

Return shipment after the jury session

Return of products not winning an award

The participant is responsible for picking up of the entry him/herself.

To ensure a smooth process, please inform our logistics partner one day before collection by sending an email to Your Entry-ID (336-xxxxxx) is needed as the reference number for collection. Please give the Entry-ID to your carrier, as otherwise it will be impossible to identify and release your product.

Dates for collection: 21 - 31 May 2018
Collection is possible from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 17:00 pm

Address for collection:
Schenker (H.K.) Ltd. Taiwan Branch | Fairs and Exhibition team
COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018
entry-ID: 336-xxxxxx ; category no.: xx
2F, No. 51, Sec. 3, Min Sheng E. Road,
Taipei 10478 Taiwan

Ms. Vicky Li
+886.2.2503.0101 #198

Mr. Peter Yiu
+886.2.2503.0101 #192

All fees related to the return of products or to their disposal will be paid by the participant.

The collection dates are fixed and mandatory. Products that are not collected by the end of this period will be disposed by us.

Award-winning entries

All award-winning entries will be stored and to be presented in winner’s exhibition at COMPUTEX 2018. The organizer will seek for opportunities to present the winning products at IFA, GITEX, CES MWC, Convergence India and other major ICT trade shows, all winning entries will return after June 2019.



Registration deadline 30 April 2018  
Submission of entries to jury   20 April - 10 May 2018  
Self-assembly 13 and 14 May 2018  
Jury session 15 and 16 May 2018  
Disassembly by participants 17 May 2018  
Jury results 17 May 2018  
Awards ceremony 4 and 5 June 2018  
Publication 5 June 2018 presentaiton in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, presentation on the COMPUTEX website, promotional materials and press releases

All winners will be shown at COMPUTEX 2018. The organizer will seek for opportunities to present the winning products at IFA, GITEX, CES MWC, Convergence India and other major ICT trade shows.



  Non-exhibitors Exhibitors Start-ups
Registration fee US$ 175 per entry US$ 80 per entry US$ 80 per entry
Fee for award winners US$ 2,100 per entry US$ 1,300 per entry US$ 650 per entry


All fees are listed as net amounts. VAT will be added separately. Participation fees covers the jury organization and assessment process; Invoice for the registration fee will be issued after the registration deadline 30 April 2018. The invoice for the registration fee will be charged, even if the entry item has not been sent for jury. It is possible to cancel a registration by sending an email to before the registration deadline. After this date 100% of the registration costs per relevant entry will be raised as a cancellation fee.

Entries selected by the jury will receive the COMPUTEX d&i awards. Participants who win an award will receive the 'Benefits for award winners' service package. Award winners are obliged to accept this service package, which will be invoiced as one sum.

Benefits for winners

The fee include the following services:

  • Use of the COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018 logo, no expiry
  • One free copy of a display certificate and one trophy for special award winners
  • Physical presentation at COMPUTEX 2018 and will have the opportunity to showcase at other leadinig ICT tradeshows
  • Participation in the awards ceremonies
  • Presentation in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE and on the COMPUTEX website
  • Media publicity

Bank details and payee
(For NTD only)
銀行: 台北富邦銀行松隆分行012-6764
戶名: 藝符設計有限公司
帳號: 676120606216

(For USD only)
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank
Anhe Branch
Account name: iF Design Asia Ltd.
Account No.: 490180000019
Address of Bank: B1, 169, Jen Ai Rd. Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan



Entries must meet the following admission requirements:
Entries must be less than two years old at the time of registration. If entries are not yet implemented, they must be realized or published in 2018.

Registration deadline: 30 April 2018

Registration for the COMPUTEX d&i awards is only offered online. You can register as a client at the iF website ( and enter your product in the competition for the COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018.

For online registration we need the following data and information:

  • Basic: entry name and type of entry
  • Images: 2 product images
  • Description: a short description of the product in English (no more than 650 characters)
  • Media: a PDF file and a demo video (obligatory for digital submission; optional for physical submission)
  • Addresses: at least one manufacturer and one design for each entry


The images and text are used for / as:
1. Evaluation of entries

  • Admission to the jury
  • Decision-making aid and additional information for the jurors

2. Presentation of award-winning entries

  • Presentation in the iF online exhibition and on the COMPUTEX website
  • Presentation in the special documentation
  • iF /TAITRA press releases



Registration closed


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