01. Bicycles

Mountain Bikes, Racing Bikes, Cross Bikes, Urban Bikes, Special-Purpose Bikes, Kids Bikes etc.

02. Components + Parts

Frames, Handle Bars, Forks, Tires, Wheels, Crank Arms, Electrical Components, Generators, Brakes, Gears, Saddles, Pedals etc.

03. Peripherals + Accessories

Speedometers, Water Bottles, Bells, Air Pumps, Bags, Lights, Locks, Fenders, Paints, Tool Kits, Glasses, Helmets, Bike Racks, Bicycle Children’s Seats, Sportswear etc.

04. E-bikes + Pedelecs


Jury & Evaluation Criteria

Innovation and Elaboration

  • Degree of innovation
  • Degree of elaboration
  • Execution / workmanship
  • Material


  • Use value and usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Emotional appeal


  • Consideration of environmental standards / carbon footprint
  • Social responsibility
  • Universal design


  • Brand fit
  • Target group fit
  • Differentiation

Presentation to Jury

All entries must be submitted as original products. In exceptional cases (such as extremely large products or products not yet industrially produced), you can submit models or scale models. All submissions must be functional, for examples, bikes and e-bikes should come with pedals for testing.

Entries containing several components, or entries available in various designs, can be registered as a series. All elements of the series must be available to the jury. At least one element must be submitted as an original product; further elements can be submitted in print format (brochure or charts/boards).


You can edit and update your entry data online until the registration deadline. The required entry data is as below:


  • Basic: entry name and type of entry
  • Images: 2 product images
  • Description: a short description of the product in English (no more than 650 characters)
  • Media: a demo video (optional)
  • Addresses: at least one manufacturer and one design for each entry

Shipment to Jury

Entry Delivery

TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2017
Entry-ID: 322-xxxxxx / Category no.: xx
Kuehne+Nagel Ltd., Taiwan
Ms. Vicky Lee
5F, No. 219, Sec. 3, Nanking East Road, Taipei 10488, TAIWAN


We require functional original products. Products must be delivered completely assembled and ready to be tested; iF will not assume any responsibility for assembly.

Self-assembly and Self-dismantling

Registrations to category "01. Bicycles" and "04. E-bikes + Pedelecs" will be seen as "self-assembly" and "self-dismantling" entries. Registrants are responsible for delivering the entry to the jury venue at the designated time and picking up the entry after jury. Please also prepare a bike rack to help the presentation of your entry.

Transport, Liability & Insurance

Original products must be shipped, free of charge for iF, via mail, courier or forwarding company to our logistics partner Kuehne+Nagel Taiwan. Please ensure that product deliveries are handled in accordance with the customs requirements for the free trade of goods (Delivered Duty Paid). Shipments from overseas (outside Taiwan) are recommended to use freight forwarding companies with customs clearance services. We recommend that you apply for an ATA Carnet for your shipment to save import duties and taxes. If you opt for courier services, please notify your courier that the sender is responsible for the duties and taxes. Please also note that couriers may not be able to deal with customs clearance if a shipment is stuck at the customs. In which case, iF will authorize our logistics partner Kuehne+Nagel Taiwan to assist with customs clearance with a cost of US$ 90 (plus 5% VAT) per shipment. The handling fee does not include duties and taxes based on CIF value and will be charged and invoiced by iF.

Products must be delivered in reusable packaging. The contestant is liable for any damages or additional charges. The organizer does not undertake to insure the delivered products. We recommend that participants take out a transport and exhibition insurance policy, particularly to cover breakage, damage and theft.


TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2017 – Shipping Label, Word, 59.50kB



Registration deadline 30 December 2016  
Shipping of entries 19 December 2016 until
6 January 2017
Self-assembly* 17 January 2017  
Jury session 18 and 19 January 2017  
Self-dismantling* 20 January 2017  
Jury results 25 January 2017  
Awards ceremony 21 March 2017  
Exhibition 22 to 25 March 2017
15 to 18 September 2017 
Publication 21 March 2017 Presentation on iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE,
special documentation and press releases

* Registrants of self-assembly and self-dismantling entries will be informed in due course about the detailed procedure.



  TPC Exhibitors and
Member of TBA
Registration fee US$ 80 per entry US$ 160 per entry
Fee for award winners US$ 1,300 per entry US$ 1,800 per entry


  1. All fees are listed as net amounts per entry, 5% VAT has to be added.
  2. The presentations in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, the exhibitions, the special documentation are obligatory for all winning entries.
  3. Invoice for the registration fee will be issued after the registration deadline 30 December 2016. The invoice for the registration fee will be charged, even if the entry item has not been sent for jury. It is possible to cancel a registration by sending an email to before the registration deadline. After this date 100% of the registration costs per relevant entry will be raised as a cancellation fee.


Fees for award winners include the following services:

The presentations in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, the exhibitions, the special documentation are obligatory for all winning entries.


  • Awards logo
    All winners will receive the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2017 logo, and are entitled to use this logo for commercial purposes. The best contributions will receive an additional TAIPEI CYCLE gold award logo.
  • Awards Ceremony
    All winners will be invited to receive certificates/trophies on stage at the TAIPEI CYCLE pre-show international press conference and awards ceremony.
  • Exhibition
    Winning entries will be shown at TAIPEI CYCLE and CosmoBike 2017.
  • Online Exhibition
    All winning entries will be presented in the TAIPEI CYCLE, TBA official website and 'iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE' - the largest design platform worldwide.
  • Special Documentation
    All winning entries will be published in a special documentation of which each winner will receive 10 free copies. Copies of documentation will be delivered to a select list of international media representatives and buyers.
  • Press
    Before, during and after the competition, we will ensure that the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards are fully covered by national and international press. Meanwhile, we will proactively promote the competition in our own PR works, which include press releases and e-letters.



Bank details (For NTD only)
銀行: 台北富邦銀行松隆分行012-6764
戶名: 藝符設計有限公司
帳號: 676120606216

(For USD only)
Bank: Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Yenchi Branch 012-4900
Account name: iF Design Asia Ltd.
Account No.: 490180000019
Address of Bank: No. 389, Jen Ai Rd. Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan



The TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2017 invites all manufacturers, designers, sales representatives, importers and distributors in the cycling industry to compete in the awards. Entries that have been on the market for less than two years or are scheduled to go into mass production during the year of competition are eligible to participate in the awards. Entries should reflect a strong level of innovation and design quality. There is no limit to the number of entries per contestant.

The products submitted must not violate the patent and protective rights of other parties. The organizers assume no liability.

“Gold Award – Young Enterprise” is presented in the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards for the third time, the winner will be selected from the winning products to encourage excellent innovations and designs from companies established after 1 January 2013.  


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